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The global value of counterfeiting is projected to reach $3 trillion by 2022.

Customers are often exploited by forgeries of a product, known as counterfeiting, or by the selling of products on the black market or even the tampering of the product’s contents. The problem exists and is known to many, however, the solution to cure this malicious activity is either rare or expensive. Brand Binary offers a unique, highly-effective and inexpensive way to eradicate this problem by generating and placing QR codes on each product and optionally bolstering security with Brand Binary’s Anti-Counterfeit labels. The solution is very simple for both the business and the consumer and allows for real-time information to be displayed to both parties.

Tamper Proof Labels

Brand Binary Tamper-proof labels are extremely difficult to replicate. When tampered it reveals prominent VOID message on label when lifted or removed.

Product Traceability

Manufactures would be able to monitor the regions where the product is exported to. This eliminates the chances of the goods being sold at gray markets and allows products to be fully traceable.


Customer Information

Every product verification request permits manufacture to know more about their customers – like never before. The captured information gives valuable insights that can be use for better strategic decisions.

Multiple Authentication Methods

Customers are given three ways to know the authenticity of the product: scan via QR Code, SMS or, WhatsApp.

Examples of Anti-counterfeit Security Features

Hot Stamped Hologram

Highly secure silver/gold hologram with both visible and hidden features. Few microns of foil depth are bonded into the paper or label to prevent removal or transferring.

Invisible UV Ink

When printed in invisible UV Ink, the text or logo will only be visible when it is viewed under the UV light.

OCI Printing

Optically Variable Color Changing Ink (OCI) changes from one color to another when slightly tilted. OCI Inks cannot be scanned or copied by any high definition scanners, copiers and printers.

Heat Sensitive Ink

The clearly visible text/image will disappear when rubbed on with finger. Commonly used on bank cheques.

Scratch-Off Foil

Alphanumeric or text data can be hidden under a scratch-off foil and ink for verification purposes. This foil can easily be scratched off using a coin or finger nail.

Guilloche Design

An intricate design printed on bank notes, currency or certificates, etc., to protect against forged copies.

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