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Brand Binary’s customer engagement is all about Customer Interaction directly with brand owners via product packaging, food deliveries, e-commerce shipments, websites & exhibitons. We brings together the tools and technology giving your team the power to create amazing customer experience and increase brand loyalty.

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WhatsApp Customer Engagement Solutions

Improve customer relations with these unique WhatsApp features, improving the user experience, increasing brand loyalty, and strengthening customer retention.

Offers And Promos

Create awareness among customers regarding recent launches, offers and promos with a single WhatsApp message

Keep Track Of Your Customers

Brand Binary’s system keeps a record of all chats and helps in creating new leads, allowing the business to follow up and convert potential leads to loyal, long-term customers.

Improve Customer Experience

Engaging customers and making the brand more approachable in regards to communication is a deal-breaker for loyal and satisfied customers.

WhatsApp Technical Support

As the most convenient mode of communication, WhatsApp would make it easier for customers to inquire about technical issues.

Advance customer Analytics to help you grow

The stronger your analytics, the better your chances of delivering the outstanding customer experience. BrandBinarys’ advance campaign analytics gives you actionable insights that drive results, helps you design better growth strategies, empowers you to make informed decisions and achieve desired outcomes.

BrandBinary Use Cases

Generate Discount Coupons or create Lucky Draw to reward & retain your loyal customers.

Get first hand customer feedback and customer data by creating Survey or Polls.

Expand your customer with social media integration into your marketing campaigns.

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